List of Programs


When Moses was fleeing from Egypt he met 7 daughters of the priest of Midian by the well side,
who took hi to the priest (jethro).
It was by the well side that Eleazer met Rebecca, I saac’s wife. It was by the side of the same
well that jacob met Rachael who took him to his uncle.
Jesus met the woman of Samaria through whom the People of Samaria were saved, by the well side.
There is no gain saying the fact that the significant of the well extends beyond the comprehension of man, in that many memorable events took place by the well side.
As had been said earlier, the Lord will perform great miracles through (the well) water. Lots
of significant healings shall be made by the Lord because of the existence of the well,
Those who believe in the Lord’s power, using the water shall be made good Christians.
The importance of the water, cannot be over-emphasized because no matter how powerful
or serious the outbreak of fire may be, water usually is the master, Yes it is so because
water can quench fire Outbreak.
So it is, that God shall use the water from KOSEUNTI well, to put out all the fire into several
people’s lives, by satan
The Lord says that He shall use the words coming out of my mouth to save souls which were
striken by satan and are doomed to perish.
The Lord also promise to restore the power of prayer to the nation for the
People to appreciate His greatness. In other words, through KOSEUNTI, the
Lord promised to heal the completely from all wraths of evil spirit related problems.


Day 1- Praise Worship Night takes place on 27th day of every month with 30 days and
28th day of every month with 31 days, Time 7:00pm-12: mid-night The Night is set aside to appreciate
Lord’s doing in our lives and the nation at large.

Day 2- Holy Ghost Night take place on the 28th of every months with 30 days and 29th of every month with 31 days.
Time 7:00pm-12:00 mid-night. (The Night is set aside for all candidate of Heaven to receive power of the Holy Ghost)

Day 3- Healing Prayer meetings:- This meetings comes up either on 29th or 30th of every month with 30 and 31 days
respectively as the case may be.Time 7:00a.m-5:p.m (Open Air Revival Time 5:00p.m-10:p.m)
same day. (The meeting is set aside for all the People with diverse problems such as blind, lame,deaf, The Impotent etc,


Day 4- A. 7:00a.m-9:00a.m The Gbenga Group ii (Nursing Mothers and Pregnant Women)
B. 9:00a.m-12noon Farmers
C. 9:00a.m-12noon Barren Women
D. 10:00a.m-3:00pm Vessels of God
E. 1:00p.m-6:00p.m Diverse Prayer Meetings (Matrimonial Problem etc)
F. 1:00p.m-4:p.m Contractors, Contractress, Self employed, Artisan.
G. 4:00p.m-6:00p.m Civil servant & All Salary Earners
H. 6:00p.m-8:00p.m Students (From Primary to University Level)
I. 9:00p.m-12mid-night (a)Holy Ghost Revival
(b)Holy Ghost Power Revival
J. 12mid-night 1:30a.m Resting Period
K. 1:30a.m-9:a.m Fetching of KOSEUNTI divine and Powerful Water.

Day 5- 9:00a.m- Till evening (1st day of the New Month) Prayer Meetings for all the People and the country (Nigeria) and hearing the words of God from His servant Pastor Dr Paul Obadare and other anointed men of God.